Society of St. Vincent De Paul

Ss. Peter and Paul the Apostles Conference
2850 75th Street W. Bradenton, FL 3420

Services we provide


Every week we pay on the average of $2500 to the electric and water companies in Manatee County to keep the service going and sometimes to restore the service. We are able to assist our neighbors by paying utilities bills that are past due on Final Notice or have been shut off.

Saint Vincent de Paul helped over 2700 families last year alone. We believe no one in Manatee County should be without electricity or water. All of this is done with volunteers who put in over 4,000 hours of work each year.


A meal is prepared every Saturday and Sunday and delivered to two different homeless campsites. The meal provides water, juice, fruit, sandwiches (or occasionally hot meals on cold days), a cracker pack, dessert, and coffee on colder days. Our mission also provides spiritual guidance and friendship whenever possible. These people are homeless for many different reasons and some have no realistic hope of re-entering society. The need is for love, an ear to listen and compassion.

We have had success in the ministry in as much as they are trusting us to share their life experiences. Many have decided to finally find the mental health treatment they require. With help many have become part of the job market again enabling themselves to leave the streets and find the means to conventional housing.


We provide emergency food bags for those in need. Previously, the food, toiletries and paper goods have all been donated. We now belong to the Food Bank and are able to supplement our non-perishable food items.


The Sophie's Scholarship has been established to assist clients in furthering their education in order to secure a better paying job to become self sufficient and support their families. This is a newly established program just started this year, it is a work in progress.


Gas vouchers are given to the clients so they may transport their children to school, themselves to work and/or job interviews, and medical appointments.

If you are in need of these services please call (941)794-1328